Computers and Society

People have come to depend on computers and technology for almost every aspect of their lives, and there is hardly anything that is not impacted by their functionality.

Let’s look at some of the things that we have in common with computers. You will be able to identify and relate to the uses which we all tend to accomplish on our computers.

People love to play video games on their computers more than anything else, and proof of this is that almost every single pc out there has games on them. They can also be online, where millions and millions of people play together every day.

Get online and see how many games are out there that involve playing with other people. You will be amazed at how awesome and engaging playing live games with people can be. You will be joined by millions of other users in games that cover almost every interest and category.

Social networking is something else that is a product of computer technology, and it is changing how the world stays in touch. You can do things never before possible, like share pictures and movies, along with writing notes and stories with people in real time from all over the globe.

Looking for a particular song or obscure film? The internet is the place to find it, instantly and effortlessly. No more going to the video store in the middle of the night, because you can search, download and watch or listen to your favorite music or videos in real time without having to do anything.

How we do business is changing because of the computer as well. Can you think of anything that hasn’t been effected by technology? How we earn and spend money, shop, learn and even travel has been impacted by computers and the world relies heavily on them to get the job done.

Lastly, the computer makes it possible for you to talk to almost anyone on the planet for free from the comfort of your home. It has completely revolutionized how we stay in touch, and the options that we have in order to do so. From online phone calls to video conferencing, communicating now is not like it was when we had to make phone calls or write letters.

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Information Technology Job

Information Technology Jobs are Everywhere – Even Where You Don’t Expect Them

If you are looking for that great career, or if you are looking for a career change then you should really consider looking at information technology jobs. The world of computers is continually growing, the field is becoming bigger and businesses need more and more experts within a certain field in the realm of computers.

Information technology jobs are increasing daily, and these jobs are permeating all areas and all career fields. The following are traditional information technology jobs, which will give you a basic understanding of the types of jobs available, but there are also many other IT jobs within other career fields.

The Computer Programmer
Career options for computer programmers are continually changing, because software and hardware requirements are also constantly changing. This career field requires you to keep up to date with new programs and to gain experience in them every year. A computer programmer’s salary will also vary depending on the experience he has.

Web Designer
This is another Information Technology job, but the web designer is not necessarily a programmer, but may have programming knowledge in some cases. Most web designers work making web pages. Web sales pages, web data bases, etc. The web designer often works hand in hand with a web programmer, but can also work with the creative artist, and graphic artist.

The Computer Animation Expert
This is the specialist that works with moving animations, training videos, games, etc. The person that works in this field needs to be knowledgeable about information technology, but also creative and artistic. This person loves computer games and anything related to animation.

The Web Editor and SEO Specialist
These information technology jobs involve the writing of content in a practical way especially for the internet. It involves the correct placing of a site within Google. Usually the people that enter into this field have had some kind of writing background in college and computer background too.

The Computer Network Engineer
This information technology job involves working with the computer itself, the hardware, software and the company’s networking capabilities. He repairs, diagnoses, changes out computers, and re-establishes the servers working when something happens.

Other Information Technology Jobs
The above are the traditional information technology jobs, but now more and more career fields are requiring extensive computer knowledge. For example if you plan on entering an engineering field, there will be many different computer applications you will need to be able to manage.

The same holds true for accounting and science fields. If for instance you decide to work in geology you will need to work with spatial technology computer applications and GPS technology.

Internet technology skills will be vital in the future in almost all career fields. The more computer skills you have the better your job skills will be and the better job you will land.

So, if you are choosing your career and are worried about future job security, then a job in information technology is what you are looking for. To advance your career and improve your pay as an IT professional you should read more in detail at Online IT Degree . Computer technology is not going anywhere. They will never be obsolete, although you will always have to keep your skills up to date because of the fast changes that occur within these fields.

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Computers and Technology – Home Printers

Owning a personal computer today is just about the same as owning a car or a house. Almost everyone in developed countries has these three things. With the advent of the internet, in 2009 alone more than 1.3 million people were making a full time living just off of selling on eBay, not to mention all the other forms of internet marketing. A home computer and a high speed internet connection are both essentials to having this option. Lap tops and desk tops are also enjoyable for storing and printing photos, organizing personal finances, and even watching TV shows and catching up on news.

Owning a printer goes hand in hand with purchasing a computer. There are many full color ink jet printer, scanner, copier, and fax combos that are perfect for the home office. Many small inexpensive printers even do a fairly good job of printing photos. Choosing the right photo printer paper is important to making the photos look the best. Standard 24 pound paper is good for everyday printing and even a few photos, but the clarity and quality of a photo will be better if printed on good paper.

There are three main kinds of photo paper to choose from: matte, semi-gloss, and glossy. Matte is very subtle and does not reflect back in the viewers eyes. Semi-gloss is half way between a matte finish and a glossy. It cuts down on glare while still offering a rich color. Glossy or high gloss is very shiny.

Choosing a photo paper that is designed by the same company as the printer manufacturer does help to maximize the quality. But less expensive store brand photo paper also works well. For someone who has a lot to print, the photo paper can get costly. A good alternative is presentation paper. It is higher grade than the 24 pound every day printing paper and looks professional.

For higher quality photos choosing a more expensive printer might be the best route. The Canon Pixma ip6600 gives high quality photos. Lower quality picture prints can fade over time. But the Canon Pixma photos are supposed to have a longer life with less fading. More expensive is not always better, but testing the difference between a bottom of the line and a high grade home printer can be important.

One of the most expensive of all printers to run at home is a laser printer. We all have complained about ink cartridges that cost as much as the printer did originally, but lasers are something else. One ink color ink cartridge might cost $20 or $25. A color toner cartridge for a laser can cost $75 or more. Another issue that I have had personally with laser printers is that they do not print nearly as many copies as is estimated by the manufacturer. HP estimated 2000 copies from my new printer. I only got 300. That is a big difference. Through adding up receipts verses copies made, it was actually cheaper to have a local print shop print our fliers for our company. Laser copies are very high quality, water resistant, and lovely, but the printer is very high cost to maintain and run.

So whatever printer or computer you choose, be sure that it meets your needs. People who work from home may want to invest in higher speed internet service, a better computer, and a high resolution printer. Computers and technology have enhanced many lives and also offered the alternative of working from home to many people.

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